Novo Ibn Battuta Mall Cinema , Jebel Ali , Dubai , UAE

Novo Ibn Battuta Mall Cinema

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Ibn Battuta Mall
Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

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Novo Ibn Battuta Mall Cinema
Novo Ibn Battuta Mall Cinema
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lakshmi salim
Dubai Media City

2 Star Rating

This is one of the worst theater I have been into. Please if you have any other options, avoid going to Ibn Battuta novo cinemas. I went in for a movie recently and the speakers were not working. Only the ones in front were working. Omg it was so bad, can't explain how bad it could be. Immediately after the movie I emailed them the issue so that they could sort it out and others do not go through the same as me. Now this pissed me off even more. No one at Novo cinema even got back to me. The automated eMail came in saying somebody would get in touch and that's it till date. That shows how irresponsible they are and shows that they are least bothered about audience satisfaction. One thing they should understand is we don't go and watch their movie for free. We pay ticket charges and they have to give us a good service. So please think twice before u go for a movie at Ibn battuta mall.

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