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Category: Restaurants / Bar Food
January 29, 2015
Rocky's is an undiscovered gem of a place. It isn't your usual 'British Pub' or 'Dubai Bar' as it has a unique charm all of its own. The food menu is limited but each dish is perfectly prepared and presented - you have to try the crispy pata and pitcher, its truly awesome - with a distinctive Pinoy emphasis. But if there is nothing on their menu that you fancy you can order dishes from any of the other restaurants in the Ramee Rose and they will bring it to your table, all part of the Rocky's service. Usual range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks - draft beer is limited but there is a range of bottled beers and spirits. Prices are fantastic - try the buffet between 18:00 and 21:00 for 30 AED including a beer or other drink.
The ambiance is special as the regulars come from many different backgrounds and everyone is made to feel very welcome.
But the one thing that makes Rocky's stand out from the crowd is the band - No Limits. Alfred and the girls and guys are absolutely brilliant. Their repertoire is incredible - they cover everything from 60's soul right through to screaming thrash metal, and all of the latest hits. Alfred's unique style and friendly banter draws the audience into every performance (and they perform 5 sets every night).
This truly is a special place and it amazes me that it isn't packed to the rafters every night. But those of us that have discovered it, we hope it never changes.....but it would be nice to see a few more people in there (its tucked around the back of the hotel so ask the staff to direct you)
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